Dale of Norway Frostisen Sweer Grey Melange/Allium 8384753494

Dale of Norway Frostisen Sweer Grey Melange/Allium 8384753494

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  • Named after one of the largest glaciers in Norway, this sweater is perfect for hitting the slopes!
  • Saddle-sleeve sweater creates a movement-mirroring fit for active pursuits.
  • Skinsoft Merino Wool knit:
    • Shorn from Merino sheep, this fine yarn is spun from long-staple fibers with tightly overlapping scales for smooth, next-to-skin softness.
    • Crafted in a three-ply fabrication using 20.5-micron fibers.
    • Combing process removes short fibers reducing itchy edges and the chance of pilling.
    • Wool naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and speeds passage of vapor from perspiration for high breathability.
    • Premium wool creates high air retention for improved thermoregulation.
    • Lanolin inherent to the wool offers antibacterial protection for improved odor resistance.
  • Ice crystal and snowy peak patterns featuring the Norwegian eight-petal rose.

    Dale of Norway Frostisen Sweer